The Stornoway investment team often finds the most attractive investment opportunities in troubled companies left for dead by other more traditional investors. Existing investors who have been burned by poor company performance have enormous skepticism as to the survival of the company and will often sell at sharply discounted prices to exit the position. The key to identifying these opportunities lies in recognizing the potential stakeholder value that can be created and the risks that can be removed through a corporate restructuring. In order to recognize this value and invest with conviction, Stornoway conducts extensive analysis and due diligence to identify the causes of the company's problems, the associated risks, and the path to revitalization that will unlock this value and generate attractive returns for the Fund.
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Investment Approach
Companies in financial distress require investors who are willing and able to partner with them as they execute a corporate turnaround. The Stornoway investment team will roll up their sleeves and play an active role in a restructuring, including serving on creditor committees and/or boards of directors, in order to create value and protect the Fund's investments. This hands on / solution focused approach allows the Fund to invest when and where others are unable or unwilling to invest.

The Manager's extensive research and analysis provides the conviction to recognize opportunities and invest while other investors sell in times of uncertainty. The Manager's active involvement then helps guide the company through the reorganization process, allowing the company to emerge as a revitalized going concern. The Fund will remain invested through the entity's revitalization, and will seek to crystallize gains once the entity is on solid footing and is again attractive to more traditional investors.